The Best of Mo Thugs Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 Coming Soon!!

The Best of Mo Thugs Volume 1 and Volume 2 coming soon to all digital platforms. Special Edition CDs will be available soon exclusively from 

Mo Thugs Family Scriptures: Released 21 Years Ago Today

On November 5, 1996 (21 years ago today) Mo Thugs Family Scriptures was released. 

Happy 53rd Birthday to Eazy-E

Happy Birthday Eazy-E. He would have turned 53 today. 

Mo Thugs III: The Mothership – Released 17 Years Ago Today

On June 13, 2000 (17 years ago today) “Mo Thugs III: The Mothership” was released.


The Passing of Eazy-E: 22 Years Ago Today

Today marks the 22nd anniversary of the passing of Eazy-E.
September 7, 1964 – March 26, 1995


Mo Thugs Family Scriptures – Released 20 Years Ago Today

On November 5, 1996 (20 years ago today) Mo Thugs Family Scriptures was released.

Check out the magazine advertisement for Mo Thugs Family Scriptures below.

mothugs1_ad Presents: Interview With Pozition (feat. Flesh-N-Bone)

Filmed & Edited by: Crystal Renae Long.

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Download Pozition’s new mixtape, “Lyrical Cardio” from Datpiff or Audiomack

Caine & Pozition: Live Performance in Fort Worth, TX (July 15, 2016)

Live performance by two of Krayzie Bone’s artists, Caine & Pozition, in Fort Worth, TX. July 15, 2016.
Filmed & Edited by Crystal Renae Long.

Coming Soon: Interview with Pozition and Flesh-N-Bone

Interview with Flesh-N-Bone and Pozition (producer / artist / Bone’s official DJ) coming soon!!


Pozition – “Lyrical Cardio” (Mixtape)

Krayzie Bone’s artist, Pozition, has released his new mixtape “Lyrical Cardio” today.
It’s available to download for free from the following links:




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